söndag 5 maj 2013

What a saturday I have had :)

Yesterday I woke up fresh and happy because I knew that soon I will meet up with two of my best friends.

Well before I could leave my kids for some fun I had to make lunch and dinner BUT I also had to build a diapercake to the Babyshower that I was going on at 3p.m with my "wifey"!!!

So I had a timetable and I had to keep it!!

Well if you know my family...you know that there always is something happening in the last minutes...sadly to say.

Well anyway...I got food done....diapercake done....took a shower....got dressed....make-up on....and yey we are ready to go!!

Now...Marias sister and Maria (my pregnant friend) was late....no worries....we went on a smoke me and my "wifey" :)

Well babyshower started but we could only stay for a short while and then we ran to next place....6p.m reservations at Mexican cuisin Patron in Helsinki.

There we met up with another lovely pregnant woman and her friend.

Our table was a bit late but we got nachos to eat for free while we were waiting....no stress and we got time to talk.

Well we got the menu and I got a bit shocked. There was NOT much to chose between. 4!!!!! dishes!!! (Warm) Same amount of desserts :O

Well because of my bellyproblems I had only two choices. Chicken or vege dish!

So I took chicken dish!!

I will put in a lot of pics here under the text but I must say I have never ever eaten warm food with chocolate-chilli sauce. It felt weird!?!

Me and "wifey" share a white wine bottle and afterwords we all went to Restaurant Havanna to take some drinks. Pregnant woman got mango juice and the rest of us got drinks with alcohol in ;)

As usually Solveig and Pedro in Havanna was at their best. That is a great place to go and eat or dance and hang out with friends.

Well my "homie" - "wifeys" boyfriend arrived when D and L went home and that time the drinks became bigger and came faster to the table.....WIIIIIIIFEEEEEEEYS fault ;)

We danced a lot....we had fun a lot.....and we got drunk a lot ;)

Thank you to you all that made my saturday so great :)

I love you all sooooo sooooooo much!!

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